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Ask The Trainer: Arm and Leg Exercises

Q. What are some great exercises for my arms and legs?

The best overall arm exercise is the push up. Having said that, not everyone can do a proper push up! A great alternative is a standing wall push up. Stand facing a wall, an arms length away with feet hip distance apart. Place both your hands on the wall, elbows pointing down toward the floor. Slowly lower your body toward the wall and then push back away from the wall. To make this more challenging as you get stronger, change the arm positions, lift one leg and increase the distance between your feet and from the wall. Work up to three sets of 8 -12 repetitions.

Squats are the best exercise for working most of the leg muscles at one time. Stand with feet hip distance apart while keeping the torso upright. Lower your body down being careful not to go lower than knee level, and then push back up to the starting position.

- By Cathy Strack, MS, LMHC, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach

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Ask The Trainer: Arm and Leg Exercises
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