All Insurance Solutions has a combined 50 years experience working with health insurance in various settings: carrier, broker, compliance and as employer benefit administrator. We will consider the variety of plan options available including the consumer driven health plans and we can show you how to better your products for you and your employees. We offer expertise on COBRA, HIPAA Privacy and Security and make sure that you are informed of all legislative changes.

Online Benefit Services

We provide our employers and their employees a free benefit website for easy access 24/7. This website can include employee handbooks, calendars, reminders, benefit summaries, PPO provider directories and much more. We customize it for each employer.


We offer to all interested employer partners an online wellness program. Did you know that 71 cents of every healthcare dollar is spent on treating conditions that are lifestyle related and are reducible? Our wellness program offers an incentive-based online wellness program to their employees.


We produce a quarterly newsletter keeping you informed on lasted product information, legislative changes, wellness initiatives and changes in the marketplace.

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